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Here you will find general details of all the available properties for 2013-14.

On the Properties Page (click to access) you can view the property details, the contact numbers and a link to a map for the location of each property.

Click on each property picture to show the contact information to make an appointment to view.

A Sample Contract is available for you to read, and there is a page of FAQs.

Finally, if you are happy to proceed please have a look at the details I require and then either follow the instructions from there or contact me directly after deciding that you wish to take one of the properties.

Just one note of advice: When you look round the houses please remember that the present occupants have been there for a few months and there is every possibility that the place might be a little untidy! There just could be a few marks on walls etc. The property was thoroughly cleaned and prepared for their occupation as it will be for yours should you opt to live in the place! :)

Good luck in your endeavours to find a place for next year.


To view any property please make an appointment by phoning the contact numbers on the individual Properties Page or use the numbers below and arrange a mutually convenient time to visit.

FREEPHONE: 0800 69 86 538

TEXT : 07958 247 533


General Property Details

Each property is double gazed, fully alarmed, carpeted, centrally heated with instant hot water, and is fully compliant with the present gas and electrical safety regulations. Each bedroom has its own lock. The rental charge for each property is shown on the individual Properties Page.

thumb_7-LangThis particular property in Langdale Road L15 off Smithdown Road is within a ten-minute bus ride of the City centre (the bus stop is within 2 min. walking distance), five minutes from Penny Lane, and is on the boundary of Sefton Park, which is the largest park in Liverpool.
The Liverpool University bus stops at the bottom of the road as does the bus direct to Liverpool Hope.

The property is double glazed, fully alarmed and incorporates a lounge, a large fitted kitchen with a gas cooker, microwave and washing machine, seven good-sized bedrooms with modern furniture and two bathrooms with two showers.
All bedrooms have double beds. A modern combination boiler provides instant hot water and heats the property.


FREEPHONE 0800 69 86 538

10 Hawarden Avenue, Liverpool L17 2AL
Smithdown Road - Sefton Park
17 Wyndcote Road, Liverpool L18 2EB
2 Gresford Avenue, Liverpool L17 3JG
Smithdown Road - Sefton Park
23 Lidderdale Road, Liverpool L15 3JG
Smithdown Road - Sefton Park
29 Egerton Road, Liverpool L15 2HN
Smithdown Road - Sefton Park
30 Gresford Avenue, Liverpool L17 2AW
Smithdown Road - Sefton Park
32 Gresford Avenue, Liverpool L17 2AW
Smithdown Road - Sefton Park
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